Sustainable stays at the Crowne Plaza Düsseldorf - Neuss

As a hotel, we are aware of our ecological and social responsibility. The protection of the environment and sustainable business practices therefore play a major role in the daily operations and management of our hotel. We are continuously working on improving our measures to promote sustainability, save and reduce the waste of energy resources.

With the IHG Green Engage™ system, the Crowne Plaza Düsseldorf - Neuss has implemented an innovative method for enviromental sustainability that constantly measures our impact on the environment and helps us to improve our actions in the long run.


Crowne Plaza Düsseldorf - Neuss
Rheinallee 1
41460 Neuss

Specific measures to promote sustainable tourism at our hotel:

  • Generation of electrical energy and heating by cogeneration plants
  • Green Engage Team for sustainable hotel operations
  • Green Engage Certificate Level 1
  • Online newspapers and magazines instead of printed editions
  • Digital menus at the bar and in the guest rooms
  • Use of paper straws and packaging instead of plastic
  • IHG Rewards points for guests who cancel the daily room cleaning
  • Bicycle rental by Caritas Neuss
  • Regular organisation of the Rhine Clean Up
  • Reduction of internal and external paper usage
  • Proper disposal of food waste
  • Regional ingredients and suppliers for the restaurant kitchen
  • Charging stations for electric cars at the Rheinpark-Center (600 m)

What you can do - Tips for sustainable travel

We are sure that climate protection is as important to you as it is to us. If we all work together and actively promote the protection of our environment, we can achieve a great deal.

Recommendations for green travel and sustainable tourism:

  • Travel climate-friendly by bus, train and other means of public transport
  • Discover beautiful and nearby destinations in Germany more often
  • Use eco-friendly local bicycle and car sharing offers
  • Choose hotels that clearly commit to protecting the environment
  • Avoid unnecessary lighting and air conditioning
  • Save water by using the same towel for a longer period of time
  • Cancel daily room cleaning
  • Use digital apps & maps
  • Reduce luggage
  • Pay attention to sustainability labels
  • Support small and local businesses
  • Avoid plastic and disposable products, e.g. coffee-to-go cups

With your engagement and by staying at the Crowne Plaza Düsseldorf - Neuss, you support our sustainability initiatives and contribute to a better future for the environment.

Thank you!

Your team at the Crowne Plaza Düsseldorf – Neuss